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As a 3rd party service provider, TW Services understands the importance of providing a safe working environment for our associates and customers. We are committed to establishing and maintaining safe work practices and policies.

At TW Services, Safety of our Associates is Priority #1!

Our safety program focuses on continuous improvement, training and accountability. TW Services' associates are motivated, incentivized and focused on working safely at all times. Associates are trained and certified to operate powered industrial equipment according to OSHA standards.

In the unfortunate event that an accident does occur, each accident is investigated, documented and a root cause analysis is performed. Results are shared with the goal of educating and preventing repeat injuries.

Furthermore, daily, weekly and monthly awareness is augmented with safety alerts, recognition, rewards and safety compliance audits.

In 2011, TW Services reduced unsafe behaviors by 29%.

TW Services handled over 330 million cases in 2011.

TW Services now has 80 locations nationwide.

TW Services is committed to a safe and drug free work environment for the benefit of both our customers and associates.

By adhering to TW Services' Rules of Conduct, our associates are able to work in an environment that assures the highest levels of safety, productivity and quality performance.

TW Services requires extensive background investigation of all employees prior to employment. A thorough background investigation of all associates is conducted prior to placement. In addition, all potential employees and existing employees are subject to pre-employment, random, reasonable cause and post accident drug testing.